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The Single Most Important Decision You’ll Ever Make in Your Business:

Ryan Levesque “Just tell me where I should ship your copy of Choose
—Ryan Levesque

Could the Next $10 You Spend Help You Choose a Winning Business Idea?

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“This is a must read. Ryan is a great business mentor and he’ll save you a tremendous amount of time and money with this book.” Brendon Burchard
#1 New York Times Best-Selling Author

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Introducing Choose:
The Surefire Way to Know…

  • If your business idea is a “green light” or a “red light” before you spend time and money going too far down the road…
  • What business model is right for you based on your personality and talents…
  • And how to pick the right “competitors sweet spot” to ensure your business thrives…

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Here’s Just a Taste of What You’ll Learn Inside Choose:

  • My simple 5-second test to measure demand for your business idea, which means you can know within seconds whether your business has the potential to be successful in the long term… or not, and save yourself months or even years of going down the wrong road (page 71)…
  • How to leverage your existing expertise and knowledge to help guide what market you should choose (and what to do if you don’t have any)… (page 26)
  • How to find YOUR unique angle, so that you can stand out from the pack and attract the right kind of customers who will buy from you again and again… (page 115)
  • How to evaluate your competition using my “competitors sweet spot” that ensures your business will thrive… (page 101)
  • A 3-word phrase that allows you to decide what to sell and how much to charge (this is what trips a lot of people up, which is why I’ve developed my own model to make this really easy). (page 51)
  • How to choose the right business model based on your personality, your skills and talents, and the kind of lifestyle that you want to have… (page 30)
  • My 3 step methodology to choose a market that has enough potential to keep generating revenue for the rest of your life (page 17)
  • The entire process from beginning to end, with worksheets and templates to guide you through the process, so that you know exactly what to do, step-by-step…
  • And much MUCH more…

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So, You Might be Wondering…

If it’s so good, why am I giving the book away for 60% off?
There are a few reasons:

  1. This book is the result of intense research of thousands of customers, students, and clients to find the #1 thing that separated those who were successful, from those who weren’t.

    I discovered that there was ONE thing that made all the difference, and it’s this: Those who were successful chose a good market, and those who weren’t, chose a bad market in which to build their business.

    In other words, choose wisely, and you set yourself up for success. Choose poorly, and you set yourself up for failure.

    And that’s what this book is all about.

  2. This is the book I wish someone had written when I was first starting my business. It would have saved me a lot of heartache, stress, time and money. Even Michael Masterson, author of “Ready, Fire, Aim”, says, “If I were starting out again, I’d be using Ryan’s strategies to help me test ideas.” And Todd Herman, creator of the 90 Day Year, said, “THIS is the missing book in the business book category.” I wrote it to fill that gap and give entrepreneurs the ability to predict if a business idea woul dwork BEFORE starting.

  3. Let’s be completely honest here: By getting my book in your hands, I get some valuable shelf space in your library

  4. Real-Deal Case Studies. Since anybody these days can put up a website and declare themselves an “expert”, it’s hard to know who you can really trust to shoot straight.

    This book contains only real proof from dozens of real case studies in dozens of markets ranging from puppy potty training, guitar instruction, bullying, orchid care, infant sleep instruction, and many more.

    Some of these case studies have been kept under wraps until now. These real-life examples will totally change your thinking about what we do as entrepreneurs—and give you lots of ideas on how you can do it better.

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Or you just haven’t gotten up the courage to take that “leap of faith” and finally get started…

I’m really looking forward to showing you the Choose process step by step so you too can have the confidence and clarity to choose the right market for you.

Ryan Levesque